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Multi-View Incorporated Benchmarking provides financial benchmarking services to the hospice world!

Software is installed that automates the collection of benchmark data and provides an incredible set of financial reports for on-going management of a hospice. The software also allows a hospice to compare its performance with other providers based on user-defined queries of the Master Data Set. Video trainings (Real-Views) and comments are pervasive through the system provideing quick and easy to access answers. Full ongoing support is included in the price fostering a productive relationship with your Hospice.


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Management Application

The Management Application is installed on your hospice network.  Training on how to configure and use the system is provided along with unlimited technical support. Data is extracted from your accounting system thus eliminating manual entry or the completion of forms.  Regardless of the brand of the accounting system or its configuration, the Management Application extracts and groups your data into standardized and meaningful reports based on time-proven management best practices.  At present, over 900 data points are captured.

Hospice Homecare, Hospice Inpatient Units, and Palliative Care business segments are tracked.

     Management Application Sample Reports

Alerts Utility

By simply clicking on a button, the information is automatically transmitted and evaluated by the Alerts Application.  Our staff will load the data into our Alerts Utility, which evaluates one thousand data points plus additional cross-analysis indicators. Within 48 hours, the acceptable data is posted to the Master Data Set and the hospice is notified via an email message. The emial will indicate amounts that are considerably higher or lower than other Hospice programs for your Hospice to focus on. In some cases a few amounts may be so high or low that the data is questionably accurate and we will Exclude the amounts.  

Benchmarking Application

The data that is acceptable is then posted to the Master Data Set and is available to be queried with the Benchmarking Application whereby a hospice can input the criteria it wants to compare its performance against, press a button, and the data is pulled from the  Master Data Set.  A hospice can perform an unlimited number of queries and each query is kept intact for further analysis if desired.  A hospice can specify the state, region, service area type, ADC size, composition, or other comparison criteria. The Master Data Set can also be queried by members of state or other associations via special association codes that limit viewing to all except its members.

      Benchmarking Application Sample Reports

Decision Dashboard

Please note that the DD is an additional charge to standard benchmarking, typcially an additional $200/month.

Now ANYONE can quantify the impact of Hospice "What-If" Analysis in seconds!

See the Decision Dashboard in Action: Video | Demo

In the old days, hospice operational decisions were slowed as accountants were tasked with analyzing the potential impact of changes. No more. The Decision Dashboard equips hospice leaders with instantaneous “What-If” analysis capabilities and presents immediate results in a visually stunning format.

The Hospice landscape is changing. With Healthcare Reform on the horizon hospices must respond quickly to potential changes in reimbursement and competitive pressures.

How do I Sign Up

MVIB wants to make the Benchmarking System affordable for all Hospices!  The system and unlimited support are available on a subscription basis of $225 a month. A hospice receives access to our team of Hospice professionals, a complete financial reporting system, benchmarking information within seconds, financial educational products, and many other benefits. The value is immense! Starting is as easy as telling us "YES". We will proactivily walk your Hospice thruogh our Client Path. To get more information or to sign up, call MVI at 828-698-5885 or email us at info@mvib.net

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